Spring is the time for CHANGE!

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Spring cleaning, out with the really old and in with the moderately old!  Hahaha

We are in the process of making a few changes at Granma Had One in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, you may know of one of the changes, our Barrett Street booth!

We have been at Barrett Street now for a few months and are very pleased with the results (may even be adding a second one).  Please go down and check us out.  We are on the back row, the last one in the first section.  Joy is in there at least once a week and keeps things fresh by adding new antiques and home goods regularly.

Another change to come is some much needed improvements to our Chesapeake store.  Please be patient with us as we begin the renovation process.  So excited for what’s to come out there!

And finally, the third change is that we are saying good bye to our Providence shop location.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time there but the traffic has not progressed to what we had hoped.  We want to thank our regulars that have supported us for the past year and a half there.  We hope that you visit us at our Chesapeake store or at Barrett Street.  Our move out date has not been set yet, but we will be making that announcement soon.  Please check back for sale dates and our final closing.  We plan on having a big sale so we don’t have to move every thing!!

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