Waterfall Repurposed Dresser to Bar

by | Oct 16, 2016

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The Waterfall Repurposed Dresser to Bar project was really fun to work on at the shop.  We had to pull from our creativity and experience to get this just right!

We received this dresser from a lady in Norfolk.  She had the whole bedroom set of this waterfall furniture.  The dresser did come with the drawers, but they were all in pieces as the glue had dried over the years, eventually making them all pop apart.  So instead of gluing all the drawers back together we decided to give it a new life.

To create this waterfall repurposed dresser, we installed several different elements.

  1. A wine glass rack was attached to the inside top of the dresser in the first drawer section
  2. Cut out one support and cut up the next in the middle drawer sections
  3. Added a wood shelf to the bottom
  4. Placed bead board in the back to give it a more finished look
  5. Added a wine bottle crate to the middle
  6. Attached shelving to the middle and upper section for storage
  7. Finished it up with some chalk paint and wax.

We think it turned out pretty neat!  Let us know what you think and please share with your friends and family!

Waterfall Repurposed Dresser to Bar Dimensions

Width: 34.25″
Height: 43.75″
Depth: 19.375″
Top Section Width: 31.75″
Top Section Height (opening): 7.375″
Top Section Height (inside): 8.5″
Second Section Width: 22.25″
Second Section Height: 6.5″
Bottom Section Width: 22.25″
Bottom Section Height: 14.5″
Wine bottle rack holds 10 bottles of wine and is 11.75″ deep.

Located in Chesapeake store

Asking Price: $325.00
Availability: Available

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