Rolling Vintage Clothing Rack

by | Nov 16, 2017


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This was a clothing rack that I picked up along the way.  It was so fun to come up with this refinished rolling vintage clothing rack.

Spraying the base of the Rolling Vintage Clothing Rack

It is just a general rolling rack that I sprayed the bottom half with a textured spray paint and then clear coated it for durability.

Making the boards

For the shoe shelf, I used 2 1x4 boards and cut them down to 44″ each x 4.  I also used a 1x2 board and cut it down to 44″ x 2.  I used the remaining boards to secure the boards together underneath.

I distressed the boards by painting them lightly with my homemade chalk paint, sanded them back to my desired look, then stained them with a dark wood stain.  After the stain, I waxed the boards in two different color waxes to give the boards a sleek finished look.

Attaching the boards to the Rolling Vintage Clothing Rack

In order to get the boards to stay put on rolling vintage clothing rack, I attached 8 3/4″ pipe clamp brackets to the boards to hold on to the cart.  I found the clamps at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Located at Barrett Street #813

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